Exchange Rates

Updated 1 hour, 14 minutes ago

BDH = 0.3475BDH Flag
BDT = 72.25BDT Flag
DKK = 5.1425DKK Flag
EUR = 0.6900EUR Flag
FJD = 1.6885FJD Flag
INR = 55.65INR Flag
JPY = 94.37JPY Flag
MYR = 2.8535MYR Flag
NOK = 5.7974NOK Flag
PKR = 91.8000PKR Flag
PHP = 40.40PHP Flag
QAR = 3.3631QAR Flag
SAR = 3.4670SAR Flag
SGD = 1.1597SGD Flag
ZAR = 9.7920ZAR Flag
LKR = 121.30LKR Flag
SEK = 6.3373SEK Flag
CHF = 0.8377CHF Flag
AED = 3.3970AED Flag
GBP = 0.5460GBP Flag
USD = 0.9285USD Flag

Rates are for 1 Australian Dollar (AUD). View our New Zealand Exchange Rates if you are from New Zealand.

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We offer a friendly and professional environment for all transactions. We are a team of financial experts working together to achieve financial satisfaction for all our customers. Our consultants have more than 20 years of financial industry experience and will ensure that you receive the correct information to select the right product. We offer an obligation free comprehensive review of your financial position and suggest efficient strategies for significant savings.

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